Album Review: Defiant – Time Isn’t Healing

Defiant Time Isn't Healing


Release Date: November 28th 2016

When I think of power metal I typically think of symphonic bands like Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica. Bands like these tend to have a sound so full with guitars and keyboards that they typically fill your speakers to the max. Stereotypically these bands also tend to have a vocalist with a pretty clean cut voice, often operatic to their own right. Defiant describe themselves as a power metal band, but after hearing their upcoming album Time Isn’t Healing, I’m not sure that’s completely accurate.

Perhaps it’s because of their full time keyboardist Victoria Terzeiva that Defiant would categorize themselves as such. But in the late 80s both Judas Priest and Iron Maiden added keyboards to their sound and I wouldn’t consider either bands music to be anything like the power metal category. However, there are a couple of songs on Time Isn’t Healing which I would in fact consider power metal songs.

Opening track Milestones of Time (as well as the two minute introductory track Storm) tends to fill my speakers with fast pounding drums and intense keyboard playing. Vocalist Stanislav Proshkin belts out a high scream at the beginning of the track too, which is textbook power metal. Soul Is Burning tends to do the same thing to my speakers when I play it and the over simplified guitar chords of the title track Time Isn’t Healing, another standard power metal feature, give it credibility in the genre, but that’s just about the extent in which I’d call the album a power metal album.


Other songs on Time Isn’t Healing have a much less polished and more traditional heavy metal sound, just with very evident sounds of keyboards adding a little twinkle to each track. The Truth and The Lie and Don’t Trust The Words are only two of the songs that I’d simply call heavy metal songs. Like any heavy metal album, some of the tracks stand out over others. For instance, According to the Acts and The Grief are both slower yet still dominant tracks, with the latter pf the two being the better one.

There are also many points on the Time Isn’t Healing where I think Defiant singer Stanislav Proshkin sounds a lot like Dave Mustaine. So much so that I immediately had to check their website to see if this was some sort of a side project. Of course I found out that isn’t the case. The similarity is at its most uncanny on the song Funeral Feast.

No Defiant song stands out more as a heavy metal song on Time Isn’t Healing than The Jericho. In this tracks five minute length, we hear musicality not dissimilar from other songs on the album. I mean the guitars are loud and the keyboards add something to make the instrumentation a little less plain. It’s the vocals where the difference lies. I like the increased effort by Stanislav. It’s mostly evident in the high pitch scream he belts out in the middle, and the low growl he lets out about a minute before that.

On the opposite side of the spectrum there is The Eagle, in which Defiant‘s musicality makes the song. The song is all about the melody, both musically and vocally. Stanislav’s vocal style is a little too rough for this type of song which trades the band’s heavy metal intensity for a more melodic and slightly slower pace. I can hear the power metal influence on this song as well and because this song sounds absolutely nothing like anything else on the album, it makes for a hell of a concluding track for Time Isn’t Healing.

I may be wrong in my assessment, or maybe it’s the rawness of Defiant‘s sound, but I wouldn’t call Time Isn’t Healing a power metal album. Not as much as I’d call it a heavy metal album that heavily relies on keyboards. It’s these keyboards that make this album stand out so well. There however is undoubtedly a power metal influence to these songs that does have the speaker filling capabilities.

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The Jericho”­


7 (Out of 10)

Track List:

1. Storm 1:55
2. Milestones of Time 3:43
3. The Jericho 5:06
4. Funeral Feast 4:26
5. Time Isn’t Healing 4:37
6. According to the Acts 4:18
7. The Dream 4:02
8. Don’t Trust The Words 4:05
9. The Truth and the Lie 5:54
10. The Grief 4:20
11. Soul is Burning 2:59
12. The Eagle 4:20


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