Album Review: Chapel – “Satan’s Rock N Roll”

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Well prior to opening up the first song, I decided to open the pictures that I was given in the package I received. I checked out the album cover and thought it was pretty much the most metal thing one can see. I mean, the picture is of a demonic looking goat in a chapel, and beside it on both sides are Jack Daniel bottles acting as torches with the smoke evaporating into skulls; even if it wasn’t for a band, I’d want that on a shirt.

But anyways, Chapel is releasing a new full length entitled “Satan’s Rock N Roll”, this thrash/black metal outfit is out to prove that rock is not dead and is still alive and kicking. Chapel is able to utilize what the thrash metal sound was all about back in the day with that punk type influence onto the metal music making riffs simple, but intense, as well as drums making the same splash that compliments the song. The vocals are rather unique in that they almost seem like a sort of black metal type style, the screams are more higher pitched and guttural.

The opening track “Rock N Roll From Hell” sets the overall sound of the band right off the bat, what you hear in that song, spreads out through the rest of the album, Chapel wants to show that this music came from hell (or Vancouver, Canada in this case). “Satan’s Rock N Roll” holds many songs in which are easy headbanging songs such as: “Motorcult” or “Blood Will Be Spilled”. Other songs as: “Satanist” or the title track have the lovely feeling of wearing ripped denim jeans, leather jackets, and playing air guitar in your basement while drinking with other metalheads, songs that you can chant out loud and rock out to. My personal favourite “Alcoholocaust”, is a song where I couldn’t help but picture a circle pit with about 30-40 guys/gals holding up their beers pointing toward the center as if to make some sort of ring of intoxication (I need a drink now), the song is catchy, intense, and what metalhead doesn’t love a song about booze?! Can’t go wrong with a metal album that speaks about Satan and booze!

Overall the album is one to buy for the old school metalheads who love that rock n roll, heavy, thrashy, black metal feel. Though I would hope younger generations can listen to Chapel and embrace the style that they choose to play.

Rating: 4/5

 Chapel is:

Desolator – Guitar/Vocals

Devastator – Bass/Vocals

Incinerator – Drums

Review by: Brandon Gruber


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