Album Review: Adrenaline Mob “Men Of Honor”


Adrenaline Mob  “Men Of Honor”

Release Date: Feb 18 (North America), Feb 27 (Internationally)

Label: Century Media Records

Review Rating: 8/10


There is no denying what you are about to hear before you put on the latest release from Adrenaline Mob, Men of Honor…  Balls out kick-ass Heavy Metal that doesn’t let up until the song ends and the next track begins to assault your senses.  Either that or one of the LPs two ballads comes on.  All joking aside, just like the opening track will tell you, the Mob IS Back and the third full length release from the evolving super group now featuring AJ Pero from Twisted Sister on the drums doesn’t disappoint at all.  I don’t think the band has missed a beat since the departure of Mike Portnoy.  Yeah that’s right, I slipped some drummer humor in there, not too shabby if I do say so myself.   If anything this may be some of the best bashing that AJ has ever done on record.  Let’s face it Adrenaline Mob is more than a step or two up on what Twisted Sister has going down, right?  Pero and bassist John Moyer seemed to have found some instant chemistry and there is no doubt (in this bass player’s opinion anyway) that the rhythm section still powers the Ferrari that this band can be compared to.

Back to the Mob…  I have to say that Men of Honor is full of wicked riffs and solo’s from axe man Mike Orlando and lead singer Russell Allen’s voice is in fine form.  In fact the two of them did a great job producing the disc and capturing the sound of the band in the studio, although for me Men of Honor does sound a little too polished and I would have liked maybe more of a dirtier sound to compliment Orlando’s wicked guitar tones along with Allen’s multifaceted vocals.  The two of them sound like they may have drank a bit of the Kevin Churko Kool-Aid if you catch my reference.

Some of the tracks that stand out to me and will likely be in the best playlist on my iPod for a while are the first two; Mob Is Back and Come On Get Up.  Those two really set the tone of the CD and if you aren’t pumped up after listening to them then you are either a Metal Elitist that has no soul or you listen to LiteFM and have somehow accidentally stumbled across this review while looking for a sweater for your cat.  Now for you cat people out there…  There are a couple of ballads on men of Honor, and I guess Track 9, House of Lies is why, and this tune rips so much we will let the ballads slide.  “Let them slide?  What the hell does that mean?”  Think about it, man…  Guys want to get laid…  Chicks like the ballads… If all goes well, then refer to the House of Lies and you will get it, I HOPE!  Feel The Adrenaline and Judgment Day are another pair of neck breakers that just make this record .  I did find closing off Men of Honor with Fallin’ To Pieces after all the riffage ahead of it seemed kind of odd to me…  I would have ended with the second last track, Judgment Day.

If you want to drive fast, pump lots of iron, start some shit up or use this CD as the soundtrack for the story behind House of Lies then this is the CD for you.  If you like to knit, lawn bowl or know what the fox says, then you should just stay away.

CC Getty’s CD Review of Adrenaline Mob – Men of Honor – 8/10

‘Men Of Honor” tracklisting:

01. Mob Is Back
02. Come On Get Up
03. Dearly Departed
04. Behind These Eyes
05. Let It Go
06. Feel The Adrenaline
07. Men Of Honor
08. Crystal Clear
09. House Of Lies
10. Judgment Day
11. Fallin’ To Pieces




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