Album Review: Abyssal – “Novit enim Dominus Qui sunt eius”

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Abyssal – “Novit enim Dominus Qui sunt eius”

Out to create nightmares for anyone who listens to them; This 3 piece band known as Abyssal has created a rather scary atmospheric blackened death metal album (“Novit enim Dominus Qui sunt eius”). When listening to the album, there is a sense of doom and fright with what the band has create; a rather ambient/avant-garde sound along with it.

Abyssal hails from the UK, a country that has had its fair share of dark and doom music (let’s face it, Black Sabbath came from there). The songs in the album all have the rather same vibe that can keep you under the covers of your bed until the album is finished (maybe listening at 1am is not the best idea…or maybe it is). What was fascinating on the incorporation of rather extreme technical drumming throughout the album, the drumming uses all parts of the kit and goes hard on them despite the overall sound being rather low on tempo. The vocals utilize a very low death growl, though the volume just needs to be raised at times to hear them, though they are brutal none the less.

Abyssal is an underrated band that should be taken a look at for the extreme metal fans out there. There is nothing quite like “Novit enim Dominus Qui sunt eius”, and there is nothing quite like Abyssal.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review by: Brandon Gruber

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