Top 15 of 2015 According to Reverend Rock of Too Metal For Church


Reverend Rock’s Top 15 of 2015 

Rev0715One quick glance through my top 15 releases of 2015 will reveal it to be decently varied through the sub-genre spectrum with one major exception – it is decidedly light on straight up death metal. Those of you that have followed the show for any time at all know that my interest in the use of growly vocals exclusively has to be piqued by another other overarching feature like amazing songwriting and guitar playing ala Arch Enemy. Read on then for a look at my top 15 releases of 2015.

15. Sinners Moon – Atlantis

Sinners Moon hails from Slovakia and blends death metal growls with symphonic metal overtones to create their own identity within the power/symphonic metal sub. Excellent songwriting and sense of melody make this release memorable in spite of what some might view as formulaic with their use of female lead vocals. This track has seen extensive airplay on the show.


14.  The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal

Those of you who are familiar with the show will know that when it comes to the more extreme side of metal, melodic death metal is definitely my sub of choice. Had I to make a choice at year’s beginning, “Abysmal” was well down my list of anticipated releases while Soilwork’s “The Ride Majestic” was one of my most awaited. You’ll notice that Soilwork failed to crack the top 15 while BDM did. Hear this album to find out why – we’ve heard a lot of the track, “That Cannot Die Which Is Eternally Dead” on the show.


13. Tribulation – The Children of the Night

Labelled as progressive death/black metal, I and the show are new to the Tribulation story and played this album’s track, “Melancholia” repeatedly due to its infectious melodic guitar lines layered over their progressive death/black metal growl and urgency. Tribulation delivers their brand of more extreme metal with a gentle ferocity that you must experience to understand to its fullest.

Reverend Rock

About Reverend Rock

Reverend Rock is a seminary educated ordained minister who is unemployed pastorally due to his tendency to piss off judgmental religious people. A life long metalhead, he is truly Too Metal For Church.

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  1. Michael Gibson says:

    I would submit that UDO had the best cd of the year followed by Lamb of God and Slayer.

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